Otis Pottery in East Jordan, MI

Special one of a kind creations

Otis Pottery

About Otis Pottery

Otis Pottery is a family business that opened in East Jordan, Michigan 22 years ago. David, June, and Andrew Otis work in stoneware clay and porcelain to create both production and one of a kind objects designed for use in the kitchen and as decorative accents for the home. Much of their work is woodfired in a down-draft kiln and the surfaces show the natural ash deposits along with shino and celadon glazes. Production items are also fired in an electric kiln. Each piece is handcrafted, and glaze variations offer orginality and uniqueness to these functional pieces.

Contact Information

1691 N M 66
East Jordan, MI

Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sun 12:30-5

Where is Otis Pottery

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