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Porch Cafe

About Porch Cafe

An array of tantalizing "small plates" are perfect for smaller appetites, or for those who'd like to sample a number of different items. Four standouts include the boudin-stuffed jalapeno with jicama and crawfish slaw; the seafood au gratin with tender chunks of lump crab, shrimp, and cucumber pico de gallo; the Wagyu beef medallion with chorizo bechamel and poached egg; and the watermelon with olive relish and grilled shrimp.

Entrees include a barbecue shrimp enchilada with Wagyu beef steak and cotija cheese; pan-roasted grouper with butter bean hummus, corn relish, and chili vinaigrette; and corn-crusted red snapper with ranchero sauce.

Casual atmosphere that's perfect for families. Beer and wine available.

Contact Information

1625 East Beach Drive
Galveston, TX

Hours of Operation: Thu thru Sat 11:30 -3 and 5- 10, Sun 9:30-3

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