Nani's Ristorante & Bar in Jackson Hole, WY

Comfortable without pretense, just great food

Nani's Ristorante & Bar

About Nani's Ristorante & Bar

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever tasted the fresh, rustic, perfectly prepared ingredients of a culture centered around the family table? If you have ever found yourself amidst the sensuous pleasure of one of these unpretentious, welcoming and delicious daily feasts in the depths of Italy, you’ll know Nani’s. No, it is not for everyone, but Nani’s is for you if you love to reminisce about or long for a taste and a glimpse of the heart of Italy. Leave your restaurant rules at home, and come, relax and enjoy the moment with friends and family. You can be sure Nani's chefs have prepared your dinner with care.

Contact Information

242 N. Glenwood
Jackson Hole, WY

Hours of Operation: Open Daily at 5PM

Where is Nani's Ristorante & Bar

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