Squeeze Marfa in Marfa, TX

Smoothies, soups, sandwiches, salads and Swiss Chocolate

Squeeze Marfa

About Squeeze Marfa

What started in October of 2004 as an idea for a simple juice bar developed into a sandwich shop offering juices, smoothies, creamsicle sodas and shakes with customized vitamin supplements. Squeeze Marfa has always carried Vollenweider chocolate from Switzerland. Vollenweider chocolate was started in 1943 by the father of Squeeze Marfa’s owner, Verena Zbinden. Her brother and his wife continue to run the family business in Winterthur and Zürich, Switzerland sending handmade chocolate to Marfa directly from the source. Squeeze Marfa is the sole US distributor of Vollenweider chocolate.

As Squeeze Marfa grew so did the menu, expanding to include a daily vegetarian soup, bratwurst, hummus with pita bread, garden salads and breakfast options including Birchermüesli – a hearty Swiss recipe of oats, fruit and yogurt, a vegan granola dish with açai, waffles and freshly baked croissants espresso and cappuccino.

Contact Information

215 North Highland Ave
Marfa, TX

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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