Laurel Hill Cemetery in Weston, MO

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Laurel Hill Cemetery

About Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery sets high on the Welt Street hill overlooking the town. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the pre-Civil War cemetery is not endowed. First known as City Cemetery, the name was changed to Laurel Hill in 1902. Early settlers buried here are four generations of Daniel Boone descendants, David and Phena Calvert Holladay, and Buffalo Bill's aunt Louisa Cody. One of only a few maintained slave cemeteries in the state, a quarter section holds the graves of Missouri slaves. Laurel Hill cemetery is probably the oldest cemetery in Platte County, since Weston was the first town in the Platte Purchase. A few markers of 1840 can be found.

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821 Welt
Weston, MO

Hours of Operation: Daylight

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