Santa Fe Connection in Wimberley, TX

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Santa Fe Connection

About Santa Fe Connection

We travel extensively world-wide to bring to our customers fantastic finds in sculpture, folkart, pottery, paintings, one of a kind jewelry and exotic elements for your home.

Our retail direction is unabashedly Southwestern or what we refer to, following our many trips to New Mexico, as Santa Fe Style, a creative combination of Native American, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Guatemalan, Peruvian and even Modern Art.

Stroll through our unique catalog of carefully selected items and you'll see how our more than 40 years experience in retail, first in San Antonio and now Wimberley, comes to shine. Across this spectrum you'll find something special, and at a price point that will work for you!

Contact Information

13900 Ranch Road 12
Wimberley, TX

Hours of Operation: Daily 10-6

Where is Santa Fe Connection

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