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A little about Aspen

Ahhh, Aspen, where do we start? It is a world-class destination with outdoor adventures from skiing to biking, with a flair for arts and culture, but still maintains enough small-town charm for year round residents to call it home. Aspen truly is a unique diamond nestled in the rough of the Rocky Mountains that has a knack for bringing big city features to you in a way that defies ordinary.

The history of Aspen

The area was originally a summer hunting camp for the Ute Indians, but by 1870 Aspen's first white settlers, who were mostly miners, arrived from nearby Colorado towns in search of silver. Aspen's mining was a fruitful venture for its early settlers but, did not come without hard work. Soon, town "boomed" and rapidly became home to over 12,000 miners and their families. However, just as soon as the wealth was ushered in, the repeal of the Sherman Silver Act of 1893 caused Aspen to "bust," and town then entered what is known as "The Quiet Years." Ranching kept the Aspen area possible as residents grew crops on McClain Flats and in Woody Creek. The population dropped drastically to less than 1,000 people, but as they say, "where there's a will, there's a way." The spirit of Aspen could not be squelched.

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Where is Aspen

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