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A little about Bastrop

Letting the world know that Bastrop County is still open for "Play". There’s something for everyone here: hikers, bikers and boaters. Antique hunters and art lovers. Rugged outdoorsmen and luxury spa fanatics. Along with history buffs, foodies, birders, golfers... Walk our Iron Bridge and view our 131 structures that have been admitted to the National Register of Historic Places.

The history of Bastrop

The Town of Bastrop (Villa de Bastrop) was formally established on June 8, 1832 as the principal settlement in the Stephen F. Austin "Little Colony" of 1827. The founding grant, signed by Mexican Land Commissioner Jose Miguel de Arciniega, recognized the special nature of the locale as the “place on the Colorado River where it crosses the road which goes from Bexar (San Antonio) to Nacogdoches…considering it to be a very suitable site for the founding of a new town…” Fort Puesta del Colorado was established at the future site of Bastrop in about 1805. Stephen F. Austin traveled through the locale on August 7, 1821, and noted “…near the river heavy pine timber, grapes in immense quantities….The bottom where the road crosses is mostly high prairie…Pecan, Ash, Oak, Cedar, abundance of fish…” Col. Austin continued the dream of his father, Moses, to colonize Texas.

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