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Boller strives for realism in each of their sculptures. In the art world, they are known for their attention to detail and the historical and anatomical accuracy of his subjects.

Bud Was an enrolled member of the Shoshone Tribe and lives and created his works of fine art within the Wind River Indian reservation. His Bronzes often reflect the teachings of his youth; honor of elders, pride of one's ancestry and respect for life.

Bud was awarded the Governor's Arts Award for his endeavors in building an appreciation for Native American culture and life in the West through sculpting.

Fine art by Bud Boller, in pencil, oil and bronze, is in collections world-wide, including Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Israel, Mexico &Spain.

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27 Red Creek Ln
Dubois, WY

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Fri 10-5

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