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A little about Jonesborough

A unique 18th century town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, Jonesborough's natural beauty, charming architecture, and storytelling heritage have attracted visitors worldwide. We have shops, galleries, antique stores, museums all along our famous strolling tour. You can also hike, bike, fish, golf and enjoy our water park.

The history of Jonesborough

When trailblazers and pioneers like Daniel Boone and John Sevier came across the Appalachian Mountains into what is now Tennessee, they thought they had found paradise. These independent minded frontiersmen joined hundreds of others in search of a place to call their own. By 1770, there were an estimated 3000 non-native settlers forging new lives and building communities in the “Over-Mountain” region. One of the largest of these communities was the Watauga Settlement, located in the vicinity of present day Elizabethton, Tennessee. It was here that the Watauga Association was formed, creating written articles for the management of their daily affairs, a necessity given the time consuming and arduous distance from either the North Carolina or Virginia centers of government.

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