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A little about Stowe

A true four-season destination of international renown, Stowe offers endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, from summer activities to world-class skiing! In Stowe you can bike, hike, ski or just enjoy the views of Mount Stansfield. When you need a break you can visit or shops, galleries and restaurants and see and taste the special that makes our community unique to all that visit.

The history of Stowe

Although chartered as a town in 1763, Stowe’s first settlers did not arrive until 30 years later in 1793. By the dawn of the 19th century, most of Stowe’s land had been sold, and the population had grown to 316. Today, Stowe is Vermont’s largest town in land area with over 50,000 acres and a permanent population of over 4,000. Vermont’s highest peak, Mt. Mansfield, and some of the finest agricultural and woodland in the state are located within this land area. The agriculture and lumber industries were essential to the town in Stowe’s early years. At one time, over 75% of the land in Stowe and most of Vermont was open land that had been cleared by lumber-production and was used for agriculture - primarily sheep farming. As many as 8,000 sheep grazed the hills and valleys of Stowe in those days.

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Where is Stowe

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