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A little about Weston

Serving visitors since 1836, Weston knows how to treat it's guests. You can walk through history on Weston's streets and sample Westonmade spirits, wine and hand rolled cigars or lounge and linger in our stores, galleries and restaurants.

The history of Weston

Lewis and Clark slept here, Buffalo Bill Cody lived here and you should see why. Established in 1836 Weston served as a major point of departure for the Santa Fe and Oregon trails and those hoping to strike in rich during the California Gold Rush. Much of the pre Civil War architecture still survives on Weston’s Main Street now filled with shops to supply the modern day explorer. The Hotel St. George was opened in 1845 and has served the captains ranging from steamboats and automobiles since and now sits on the National Historic Registry. Today Weston is home to handmade cigars, a winery, antiques shops, boutiques and one of the country’s largest spirit distilleries. A day in Weston provides a look into the past while enjoying the amenities that are special in any century.

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